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Popcards pop-up cards

Beautifully handmade pop-up greeting cards for every occasion. Every card puts a smile on your face!

Pop-up card for free! Order 5 cards of your choice and you get 1 card for free! Every 5th card is free, so also the 10th, 15th, ...

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In Vietnam people regularly come across beautiful pop-up cards. It is really a tradition there, it is a true folk art, a folding art. Pop up cards (also known as 3D cards) can be sent as a greeting card and when expanded they are special creations. Upon opening, a 3D figure unfolds automatically, such as an animal, a vehicle or a famous building. Popcards.nl has been producing and selling this special for a number of years handmade pop up greeting cards. We sell these through markets and through this webshop Popcards.nl. We offer all types of pop-up cards for every occasion: Birth, get well and recovery, moving / new house, Christmas, invitations, birthday, marriage, mothers Day and of course for your love or your valentine! :-)

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