How are Popcards.nl pop-up cards made?

How are Popcards.nl pop-up cards made?

Popcards.nl on the market

We have been selling through our website for 2 years popcards.nl and our pop-up cards in creative markets. We are happy to sell in these markets, because then we immediately enjoy the many surprised and smiling faces of the people who discover our cards. "Did you make them yourself?" we hear 100x a day. Our answer is always: "They are first designed on the computer and then cut with a laser." Afterwards the people don't ask about it, they are so astonished about the execution of the cards. We love to tell you more about the production of our cards in this blog. Because then you see how much love and attention our cards are made. This way we like to sell our tickets to you with love and attention. We hope that it will make you happy and that the recipient will also be pleasantly surprised.

"What a surprise! Did you make them yourself?"

It starts with ... An idea for a nice pop-up card.

We often have those ideas ourselves, we talk about them together, we draw some pictures, look up images, and finally send our idea to our map makers in Vietnam.

Popcards.nl on the market

... A designer who can think three-dimensionally well.

Our designer has a lot of experience with pop-up cards and makes a three-dimensional test with a special computer drawing program that she knows is that the pop-up version is technically feasible. We can adjust this test and ultimately approve it.

The Rijksmuseum"

... A programmer who constructs the flat cardboard parts.

From the three-dimensional model, the various flat cardboard shapes to be cut out are programmed with the computer.

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... An advanced laser

With the aid of a computer-controlled laser, the flat cardboard parts are cut per color with the utmost precision by means of a delicate laser beam. Fine and detailed cutting is only possible with a laser. A separate sheet of colored cardboard is often used for each shape. Almost no colors are printed.

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The pop-up is then sewn with thread on the inside of the card, after which the outside is glued on the inside.

The cards are checked piece by piece and then slid into a protective cellophane sleeve with an envelope. Ready for shipment to Popcards.nl.

Ready to pleasantly surprise someone!

Have fun with our pop-up cards!

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Popcards.nl On the market
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